Pilot Episode: Hellooooooo

Mrs Doubtfire can say hello better than I ever could, courtesy from the awesomeness that is Robin Williams.

I will always love that movie :D. Anyway as this is my first post I should give a quick background of what to expect from this blog. Having just finished my final year at the University of Derby from the course Computer Games Programming I am now freeee. However this was short lived as the realisation that I have finished education, FOR GOOD. On one hand it’s a great feeling and on the other its scary! This gif cannot summarise my feelings any better:Now is the time to look for job openings, ideally at an amazing games studio working on AAA titles such as Uncharted 4 (Naughty Dog, I’m waiting by the phone). Jokes aside I’m currently updating my CV and looking into applying for jobs. While doing that I hope to start a couple of personal projects that I have lined up which will be fun :). I hope to give several updates on each projects so you can see what I’m doing and you can even give some feedback!

Talk to you soon guys and gals. 😀

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